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Increasing demand and margin pressures, continuous consolidation, manufacturers expanding into service and the untapped potential of digital & big data create many strategic opportunities.

Financial Services

Global crises, pressure on margins, growth in emerging markets while leveraging scale and proliferation of go-to-market channels challenge our clients to deliver long term profitable growth.

Consumer Goods & Retail

Changing consumer behaviors, expansion of digital channels, the rise of middle class in emerging markets and ongoing consolidation and cost pressures require data driven smart strategies. 

Private Equity

Successful track record of the PE funds demand increasingly ambitious targets from the portfolio companies. We partner with PE firms to identify and fast-track value creation opportunities.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Increasing cost pressures, ongoing mergers & acquisitions, the rise of internet of things lead many clients to optimize product portfolio and improve global supply chain while increasing productivity.


A boutique management consulting firm committed to generating lasting value based on data-driven insights.

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Advanced analytics and business insights with PowerBI and Python

September 25, 2020

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, it is fundamental to enable business leaders with agile, easy to use solutions to provide just-in-time insights. We have developed user friendly real Ame dashboards using PowerBI based on the feedback from a cross-functional team of commercial, finance and insights users. The dashboards provide real Ame insights pulling data from a significantly complex set of excel based infrastructure across several countries and products. To design the back-end data input for the dashboard, we teamed up with IT experts, developing Python based algorithms. The project reduced the Ame to insights from several weeks to less than a day; and in some cases enabled information visibility and benchmarking capabilities which were not feasible in the past.


Post-Merger Integration Global Biopharma

May 28, 2020

Enabled post-merger changes in the roles, responsibilities, process and tools for global forecasting at a leading biopharma company. Coordinated with both global, regional and local stakeholders to align on the right soluAon including not only for roles and process; but also for devising specific forecasting models for handover from global to countries where necessary. Collaborating with a cross functional team from Insights, Commercial and Finance as well as other external vendors; developed medium and long term forecasting models for several different therapy areas. Supported implementation globally including handover to 100+ countries, change management and training.

Improving customer satisfaction in Utilities Industry

May 31, 2019

For a utility company in the UK, we have evaluated the market research results and derived insights to improve customer satisfaction. Applied sophisticated analytical techniques to review qualitative and quantitative survey results from several thousand respondents, aligned with cross-functional team for each division on the strategic acAon plans to improve the satisfaction scores in short, medium and long term. Due to the existing regulations, increasing customer satisfaction is expected to drive major financial benefits while providing be]er service.

Incentive pay for performance: Harmonizing, standardizing, automating

November 01, 2018

For a global healthcare manufacturer, we developed a custom made toolkit that can handle complex needs of various countries and business units sales force compensation.


The toolkit included:

- a standardized template for sales force plan design, target setting and payout calculations

- a template automated to create individual sales employee letters and emails

- a set of reports to track and improve the sales force compensation practices


Rolling this toolkit out across all countries in a phased approach, we also partnered with key business stakeholders and IT to run an RFP and select an end-to-end automated Incentive Compensation Management platform. This will ensure sustainability and robustness to drive pay for performance.

Sales force compensation: Process and governance

February 01, 2018

One of the prerequisites to drive sales force effectiveness is access to reliable sales performance data. Our client, a global healthcare company, had in depth view on the sales activities, but little visibility into how the sales activities impact results and sales force incentives. Managing a global initiative, partnering with all region heads, we completed a diagnostic audit to understand the key pain points and risks in the status-quo. We then aligned with Executive Leadership team on a short list of solutions and proceeded to implement a unified governance and process for sales incentive reviews and approvals between countries, regions and international headquarter. We also automated the workflow process for the sales incentive approvals with an online Oracle BPM platform with buy in from all key stakeholders in 60+ countries meeting the tight timeline and budget requirements. This initiative eliminated the regulatory and compliance risks due to lack of visibility into different country sales force pay practices and enabled access to centralized data for all sales force plans, targets and payouts.

Improving sales force effectiveness to drive performance at a global biopharma

May 18, 2017

For a global biopharma company, we teamed up with the global sales analytics and insights group to identify actionable growth opportunities in the field. We analyzed the day-to-day activities of best in class sales reps, comparing with peer group in each country and business unit. The results became very revealing to demonstrate consistent trends across countries of “what high performance looks like” for a sales rep. We identified a recipe for success, creating a list of field actions that can move up the entire sales force performance by 15-20% in revenues. We used QlikSense tool to generate rapid insights sifting through big CRM data. The results of this initiative are presented to the Executive Committee and immediately incorporated into the planning activities for the next sales cycle with unanimous support from all Regions.

A 5 year strategic plan: Linking value to customer experience

December 15, 2016

For a UK based subscription business, we developed a 5 year strategic plan which validated the company’s strategic focus as well as defining a doable implementation plan with realistic financial investment case. As part of this effort, after a quick diagnostic of the market, we had in depth look at the company’s business model and identified the top financial drivers.  Armed with these insights, we then analyzed the customer journeys and identified key pain points and size of impacted customers. These inputs informed a well targeted list of strategic initiatives linked to financial value and customer experience improvement, developed with cross-functional teams. Finally, we prioritized and phased all initiatives to ensure a doable plan based on resource constraints and interdependencies. The final outcome was a success giving both the Board and the Executive Team a clear visibility into the trade-offs and a viable launch pad to transform the organization.

An investor’s strategic perspective: Assessing the strength of value creation for a multinational health care provider

June 16, 2016

The Board of a global holding company wanted to assess value creation capability of a Pan-European medical service provider that they had invested in a few years ago. Working closely with the CEO and the executive team, we assessed historical performance in depth and demonstrated the improvement in KPIs in core business despite fluctuations in some countries. In parallel, we assessed several macro trends in the healthcare industry and concluded the base business is well positioned for further growth. The Board has been highly satisfied with the rigor and evidence to address their concerns. Moreover, the Board is now convinced of the business strengths, and willing to consider major investments to facilitate further growth.

Identifying growth opportunities where market insights are scarce for a PE owned industrial goods company

April 07, 2016

We had the opportunity to work with a global PE firm to conduct portfolio review and identify growth opportunities in industrial goods industry.  As part of the project, we assessed market attractiveness and the company's ability to win across several niche markets globally. The data has been scarce, sometimes non-existent, where we conducted primary market research with industry experts to establish a solid fact base for strategic decision making. Both the PE firm and company CEO applauded the results as setting the foundation for growth in the next 3-5 years.

Creating the strategic marketing plan for a global private bank and wealth manager

December 24, 2015

One of the leading global private banks has been concerned about the “silo” approach to marketing strategy planning and execution across regions. We developed a consistent framework to apply across each regional marketing plan starting with customer needs and varying business objectives and evaluating the marketing mix and allocations accordingly. We worked with the regional marketing teams in completing their plans in accordance with the framework, which highlighted gaps and opportunities to optimize marketing mix and also enabled cross-sharing of best practices.

Boosting productivity for a Swiss transportation company by implementing a fleet management system

July 16, 2015

Our client, a local transportation company in Swiss Romandie, was challenged to meet the demand for their services which put significant pressure on their operations. We implemented a fleet management system, designing daily schedule and management reports, integrating navigation with SMS based activity dispatch to drivers, tracking driver time for hourly workers, and finally conducting train-the-trainer sessions with the management team. The system facilitated operations excellence, improved customer service levels, freed up valuable management time and eliminated miscommunication and reporting errors instantly. The CEO recently shared, “There is before, and after… It is like night and day… we automated many of our processes and have visibility to help us grow profitably.”

Moving into execution: Implementing distributor dashboard using online business intelligence platform QlikView

July 02, 2015

As a follow-on to our previous engagement on distributor performance tracking, we were granted the opportunity to partner with the in-house IT team and move the Excel-based dashboard to QlikView, a powerful real-time online platform for business intelligence and data analytics. As part of the project, we defined the process and data governance for monthly reporting of each KPI sourced from various departments and in different formats. We also owned the project management, e.g. coordinating the testing among various departmental users and sharing feedback on the design. The project was a huge success, implemented on time and within budget despite several challenges in data automation; it was showcased in the executive committee.

Assessing the performance of third party distributors in biopharma industry

December 18, 2014

A global biopharma company wanted to leverage third-party distributors in many countries for rapid market entry and growth. Coordinating with several key functions and engaging with distributors, we designed KPIs to assess their performance ranging from commercial metrics to regulatory and legal. As part of the effort, we also created a dashboard blueprint, collected data manually where needed, and created actual dashboard results for executive leadership. Based on the success of the initiative, the team was granted the funding to implement the dashboard with a sustainable IT solution.

Concept design for digital channel for a leading UK bank's asset finance division

July 24, 2014

As follow-up to a strategic review for a leading UK bank, we were asked to develop online financing concept for business vehicles. We conducted a survey across the potential user base of the bank to understand customer needs and preferences. Working with a renowned Web agency, we developed digital customer experience and static screenshots to showcase the customer journey online. With the media agency, we developed a media plan and an estimated spend for the launch.

Uncovering growth opportunities for a leading UK bank's asset finance division

May 15, 2014

As part of the annual strategic review, we analyzed the market size, penetration and competitive position of a leading UK bank in different product categories for their asset finance division. The work uncovered one key product category where there is significant untapped potential. To enable success, we developed recommendations to change coverage models within retail business banking and small medium enterprise segments. We also defined an opportunity to test digital channel as a growth avenue for asset finance.


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